Most people have dreamed of battling an evil force, flying over tall buildings, or shooting lasers out of their eyes. That dream of being a superhero can be a reality, maybe not in that way but in the way of changing the destiny of a child. Millions of orphans and young children in Africa face the challenges created by poverty and the lack of health care, basic education, adequate nutrition, and child protection every day. But your help and generosity allow us to meet these critical needs and reach out in love to thousands of these little children.

This year we held a Golf Tournament, a 5k Walk, and a 5k Run which has become a Qualifier for the Peachtree Road Race. Over 700 people participated and we raised over $65,000. Eighteen runners came out from Accessory Aero in Griffin, GA and 13 students came out to help from Chamblee Charter High School. None of them were invited by church members. CBS Evening News covered the event. One student just joined us while walking across campus and when we finished the run, he was blown away about our goal and said, “This is just what we need in America, a very diverse group of people coming together to meet a great need.”

You can help your friends and neighbors to become superheroes to children today! If you’d like to get your friends and family involved, please consider setting up your own fundraising page today at

Thanks to the North River Church and all the other groups in Atlanta that worked so hard to help the little children in Africa. Your efforts can really make a huge difference! You can change the world for a little child!