The SUCCEED (Supporting Caregivers and Centres in Early Childhood Development) initiative is a collaboration between Makro and HOPE worldwide in South Africa. It has the two-fold purpose of firstly; building the capacity of Early Childhood Development Centres (preschools) that serve vulnerable children in poor communities, and secondly, giving parents and caregivers of young, vulnerable children the knowledge and skills to nurture and promote the healthy development of their children.

Support to centres has come in the form of; building repairs and renovations, training of teachers, food support and material support. 41 centres and several thousand children across 4 provinces have benefitted from the partnership so far. Several thousand children have

Parent and caregivers through self-esteem building and Positive Parenting workshop that also share important information on early childhood development. Parent support groups are formed out of the workshops that reinforce knowledge and skills, and have shown to improve child health and social and child protection outcomes. Over 1,000 caregivers have attended these workshops which have had a tremendous impact on their lives and the lives of their children.