How you can help…

Mobilize donors and partners

Many of us know friends, neighbors, and family members who could help through contacting their companies and corporate contacts who might have an interest in helping the poor. Many companies may have corporate social responsibility programs or foundations which donate funds to the poor. Please contact Dr. Mark Ottenweller if you have any contacts that are interested in funding programs for children in Africa.

Mobilize expertise, resources and materials

Many professionals and companies have expertise and experience which would be valuable to our programs in Africa. Medical expertise, health care management, social work experience, and expertise in early childhood development would all be helpful. Many companies have medical supplies and educational materials which would be helpful to the programs. Please contact Dr. Mark Ottenweller if you have information about professionals or companies which might be able to help the health, social, or educational programs of Hope Worldwide in Africa.

Mobilize volunteers

Hope Singles Corps and Hope Youth Corps will be visiting Africa and working there during these 1-2 week trips in the future. These opportunities would be great experiences for your friends, family members, or co-workers. Please follow the Hope Worldwide Africa website for more information.

Thank you.