The 2018 Superheroes4Orphans Campaign will host its 5k Walk/Run at GA Tech at 9 am on November 3, 2018. The 5k Run will be a Qualifier for the next Peachtree Road Race in July 2019. Help us raise $100,000 to help orphans and little children in Africa.

Most people have dreamt of battling an evil force, flying over tall buildings, shooting lasers out of their eyes, etc. That dream of being a superhero can be a reality, maybe not in that way but in the way of changing the destiny of a child. Will you help your friends and neighbors to be superheroes and to empower the Next Generation of Superheroes? We want to share our wealth and our blessings with other people and get our friends and neighbors involved in helping others, too.

You can set up your own fundraising page on CauseVox to engage your friends and neighbors in this great effort. Go to HOPE worldwide Africa to get more details. Also, we can get matching grants from our corporate employers.