… but you can help!

Thanks for all of your help, all your prayers, and all your love for the orphans and little children in Africa. We face serious challenges in Zimbabwe right now.

Zimbabwe is one of the poorest countries on earth. The average annual income is $580 per year (less than two dollars per day). Fifteen per cent of the population is HIV-positive and it has one of the highest rates of orphans per person in the world. We have one staff member there (Violet) and several community volunteers. She and her staff and the children they serve desperately need your help.

This is the letter that Margaret Chipunza, the Financial Officer of the Board of HOPE worldwide Zimbabwe, just sent us:

Dear Drs. Marc and Mark

I trust I find you well. As you may be aware we have completely run out of funding for Zim. We are having a crucial meeting on Thursday wherein we need to make key decisions including closing the office and winding up our contract with Violet. As the treasurer I would like to confirm with you that we have absolutely no expectation of assistance from your end this year? This confirmation will help for planning purposes and will assist me as I present my report.

We are working hard to scout for funding but so far all we have is a meeting planned with HIVOS in early March. We were referred to them by a colleague but we are not sure whether it will yield any fruit.

I wait to hear from you.

Regards, Margaret

During 2016 the staff of HOPE worldwide Zimbabwe reached 187 caregivers and 329 children (ages 0-6) despite the financial challenges. During 2015-2106 HOPE worldwide in Southern Africa reached over 3,947 Caregivers and 13,618 children (0-6). Our goal for Africa is to reach 25,000 little children with ECD by 2020.

Right now we need $40,000 to support this desperately needed program in 2017.Visit our website to see how you can help make a difference.

Dr. Mark Ottenweller
HOPE worldwide Africa