Drs. Marc Aguirre and Mark Ottenweller provide technical assistance and consultation services to HOPE ’s affiliate in the Ivory Coast (IC). The US government’s Centres for Disease Control (CDC) provides funding for large scale, community-based programs for orphans and vulnerable children and the prevention of HIV/AIDS among youth.. Recently Drs. Aguirre and Ottenweller met with Dr. Solange Balou, her team, and their implementing partners to perform an Annual Review of the $2,000, 000 per year CIERA (Cote D’Ivoire Expanded Response to AIDS) grant that they manage.

During 2014, HCI and its 20 sub-partners reached over 22,000 orphans and vulnerable children, provided care and support to 4,676 caregivers and family members, and reached over 32,000 youth with HIV/AIDS prevention activities. Over 40 small businesses were started which employ over 1000 local women and caregivers. All these results were achieved despite dramatic cuts in funding during 2014. HCI and its sub-partners have had tremendous impact in 7 regions of the country and during 2015 their full funding was restored.

Congratulations to Dr. Balou, her team, and her partners. They have done an amazing job!