In 2015, HOPE worldwide in South Africa received a $170,000 annual grant for Early Childhood Development (ECD) from FHI360 in South Africa. The program will allow HOPE to extend its ECD Parenting program initiated by Makro/Walmart in two Diepsloot and Zandspruit. HOPE’s ECD program has supported 5,000 little children and it feeds nearly 8,000 beneficiaries each month with the support of KFC. In 2016 HOPE will train 12 well-established ECD NGOs in South Africa on ECD Parenting and its scope and reach will have impact across South Africa. A new partnership to promote Women’s Economic Empowerment is also being established with Coca-Cola South Africa.
Another exciting aspect of the FHI360 grant has been an organizational Assessments and capacity building plans conducted by FHI360 and partners such as Deloitte. We are excited about these opportunities to strengthen our management, financial and technical capacity as we scale up our work in South Africa and at sites in Southern Africa. Dr. Marc Aguirre and his staff are committed to excellence, impact and compassion in their work.