We want to thank the 32 men and women that came to South Africa Hope Singles Corps 2016 and all the people that support our work. We worked with Early Childhood Development in the crèches and informal settlements with the local HOPE worldwide staff. In the afternoon we met with caregivers in Parent Support Groups where we helped them with parenting and we went on Home Visits to their shacks. The Home Visits were very moving and yet very inspiring to the volunteers. They saw both the devastation of AIDS in these young families and the great impact of the community work of HOPE worldwide South Africa. Many of the volunteers expressed gratitude and thankfulness for all they had in the US and all that God had given them. We hope and pray that many more volunteers can help us to “bind up the brokenhearted” in Africa.

After the HOPE Singles Corps, we held a Southern African Singles Conference that hosted 180 Singles from 5 African countries. We learned and shared a lot about “Living on the EDGE” as a young single person in the modern world. It was awesome and it really made us proud of the young people in the US and Africa and our future work together.