We entered your tin shack with fear and uncertainty! We were struck by the lack of color and light and the intense despair! We sat on small buckets in your shack and you sat on the floor with your one week old baby.  No food, no kerosene, and no money! No jobs and limited opportunities!

Lots of fear! Lots of threats! You spoke about the fear and lack of safety for you and your 4 children. You spoke about all the violence in your informal settlement! The screams in the dark and the gunshots at night. You spoke about your 12 year old daughter and your fear that she could be easily raped or killed. How hard life was for you and your kids.

Then you spoke about HOPE and their visits to your shack. All the hope that they brought. The great staff and the food that they brought you and your kids. The Early Childhood Development program and the Parent Support Group. How much they helped, how much the staff helped, and how much the other parents and caregivers helped.

We were so thankful for you. So thankful for your hope. So thankful for HOPE and its staff. So thankful for all of their work and all their impact. So thankful for all we have in the US and all the opportunities that we have. So ashamed of our whining and complaining. So thankful that we could give so much to you. What an honor and what a privilege! Thank you, Anele.

Go to https://www.hopewwafrica.org/ or https://superheroes4orphans.causevox.com/  to help.