Nearly a year and a half of fundraising, planning, and building culminated in the opening of a new Field Office and a new Children’s Center for HOPE worldwide Botswana (HOPE). The team at HOPE worked to partner with the U.S. Embassy in Gaborone and a private institution, FNB Bank, to bring the new structures to life. In need of an of office space to house staff and monitor and evaluate programs, HOPE is excited about the possibilities that the space affords the organization. HOPE recently started a new, five-year project funded by USAID focused on orphans and vulnerable children, as well as gender issues. The new office space will allow HOPE to continue its record of outstanding community impact, by continuing to execute projects such as these. The new Children’s Center will allow HOPE to be a leader in the Development.

HOPE is now able to offer services to these families, and provide a safe environment where young children can come to learn. Socialization and proper nutrition are keys to the development of young children, and these are now things that HOPE can consistently offer in their early childhood development programs. HOPE believes that these interventions play a pivotal role in the school readiness of children. The foundation for a strong educational, social, and economic success is built early, and HOPE is leading that charge for the children of Botswana.