We have planned a Hope Singles Corps in South Africa for October 28 to November 7, 2017. Find out about Early Childhood Development in Africa at www.hopewwafrica.org. Everyone can do something. Everyone can help a child Thanks for all your help. Go to www.hopewwafrica.org to find out more information about it.

We believe deeply in the incredible wealth of talent within the singles’ ministry. Singles have the talent, heart, time, energy and resources to have a transformational impact on the world! The potential is limitless, and our goal is to unleash it! Join us in South Africa as we study and imitate the heart of Jesus. Jesus left an impact on everyone he touched. His life was about preaching, teaching, helping and healing. Together we will study and imitate Him.

We will serve by working daily with preschool children in the crèches (US lingo: preschools), loving them, teaching them, and playing with them. In the afternoons, we will participate in the parent support groups, an incredible opportunity to watch how changing the life of a mom can change history for a family. We will make home visits in the poorest of the townships. These visits have a powerful way of putting our own lives in perspective as we hear the stories of the people, and love and serve them. After the intensity that comes with pouring our hearts out, we will need some refreshing.