ebolaEvelyn Gamoh, a single sister, with two children aged 12 and 13, attended church on September 13th just like every Sunday. She had recently received word from relatives living inland that they were struggling to make ends meet and needed food and supplies. She managed to collect some supplies and left Monrovia on September 17th. She returned a few days later not feeling well and decided to stay at home on Sunday. Her health quickly deteriorated and went to hospital where she was diagnosed with Ebola. By Saturday 27th her condition had turned critical and she sadly passed away. Because of her diagnosis, her blind sister who was staying with her and her two children have been quarantined. For the next 21 days they cannot leave their house, trapped and scared, waiting to see if they come down with the same symptoms. Thankfully, the church has been able to encourage them and provide them with food and some money. Her death has impacted the church profoundly and they grieve her loss.

Edmond added that more and more disciples are asking for help during these tough times, particularly those who don’t have stable jobs or income. People are also fearful of going to hospital in case they get infected and certain clinics are not admitting patients in case they have Ebola. This means that even treatable conditions are leading to unnecessary deaths.

He said ‘ we are very grateful for the support received, The help has come at the right time’. Their main needs remain food and medication, (and of course our prayers)

UPDATE… 7 October

The family of Evelyn Gamoh, our volunteer in Monrovia, Liberia, is doing well during their 21 days of quarantine based on the telephone calls yesterday. None of the 5 people who were living with Evelyn is showing symptoms of Ebola. We thank God for that! Her son, Cherubim Kollie (15 years old), her adopted daughter Rose Cephas( 14 years old), her mother Martha Peters, her blind sister Martu Roberts and Martu’s own daughter Julia Nah (13 years old) are waiting to see if symptoms of Ebola develop.
Isolated and afraid, sitting at home, but okay so far. Please pray for them. We brought some food items to her family on September 26 while Evelyn was still at the treatment center. Tomorrow we will bring more food items and money to them.