What has happened since HSC South Africa in November 2015?
2016-05-04_9-58-56The HSC South Africa 2015 had tremendous impact during its trip to South Africa in November 2015. The team has worked hard to help the little children that they encountered in the slums and informal settlements in South Africa outside Johannesburg. The team has already raised over $3,500 for the children and they have raised a lot of awareness about the plight of these children in need. The team did Music Concerts, Murder Mystery Evenings, and Fundraising Dinners to raise funds from their friends and neighbors.

2016-05-04_9-59-11The HSC Team worked with Early Childhood Development and they understand many of the desperate situations that the children face. They assisted young children and caregivers with basic education, fine motor skills, nutrition, exercise, health, and child protection. They also visited shacks where the children and caregivers live under tin roofs and on dirt floors. The funding will help with staff salaries, training of staff, capacity building, program development, management, and donor and partner development for these programs. We want these critical programs to be sustainable and we want to empower their communities to develop and expand them further. We hope and pray that we can help these efforts can be assisted by the HSC South Africa Team and their friends and neighbors.
Thanks so much to the HSC South Africa Team!!!